How quickly can termites destroy a house?

It's one of those silly 720 sq ft... 1942 ish "kit" built (pre fab?) HOUSEs ,real house, not a mobile home. Dirt cheap, of course. Just suppose it has termites? how long before they take over? Am I better off just buying a dirt cheap mobile home? I'm 34 yrs old, My husband just won a disability award To buy a house. Seriously, we will retire at 65 anyway. We can't be fixing a roof at 65 yrs. We would be looking at renting a retirement community apartment. What does it matter if the house has termites, is decimated in 30 yrs? a mobile home would not last that long anyway.
The cheap house is an amazing upscale part of town, by the way, no drugs,.. right next to fabulous park, of several acres with swings and baseball diamonds for the kids/grandkids.

Thanks a million for your help! ! I know there are termites in the "area" , I spoke to neighbors about why houses were so inexpensive in such a wonderful part of town!

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Depends on how many termites there are
Get a termite inspection before closing, make it part of contract
You NEED a professional home inspection as part of contract
And, mobile homes can get termites, too, my mother's did


3 years ago

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soon as they move in your house lol they will start eating away everything they can

by Hugo Polo - 3 years ago

A lot faster than 30 years but keeping them away isn't going to be expensive (depends where you are).
Get a competent inspection done before buying (or make your offer subject to a clear report).
Chances are a perimeter spray barrier of Termidor will keep it safe for more than ten years . . .

by DrDontheTermiteGuy - 3 years ago