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    How can I get a landlord to accept my section 8 voucher?

    Ok, I am a good tenant and I am only going to use this voucher until I finish school then I should be in my career and I will not need it anymore. I understand that a lot of section 8 voucher holders have gave EVERYONE a bad name, so it is difficult to get people to accept this. Anyhow, I have just found the perfect place to live and the Apt. complex manager says they don't take section 8 vouchers. :( Is there any way for me to convince her to do this for me?? Also what is the new provisions with the "Permanent repeal of the "take one, take all" provisions from HUD? From my understanding of it, does that mean that landlords can take 1 section 8 voucher applicant and refuse the next? Thanks for your answers
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    The landlord works for a company. They will lose their job if they disregard their employers rules and take the voucher. Additionally if the policy is not to take them and they make an exception to that rule they will run into discrimination issues. As fr as taking one but not all, that is legal, AS LONG as the policy for the company is that they take say 1 for every 10 units. Usually it is even a specific unit. Leave the poor woman alone. She needs her job, she should not be risking it for you, and you should not be asking.
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    Other Answers

    • I think it means if the landlord accepts one person's voucher, they have to accept everyone's voucher. If property owner does not participate in the Sec 8 program officially with your Housing Authority, he cannot take your voucher because he would not get paid. Of course, no landlord has to accept Sec. 8 in the first place. When I applied, I was told that full time students could not get vouchers.

      by Flower - 17 hours ago

    • There's nothing you can do. First, no landlord is required to apply to get approved for the HUD Sec 8 program. Second, no landlord can accept HUD vouchers until they apply for HUD approval and can then accept vouchers. This LL does not have HUD approval and cannot accept HUD vouchers. LLs who accept HUD Sec 8 vouchers must state in their ads "Sec 8 ok" or similar wording. If that is not in the LL's ad for a vacancy, then that LL is not approved for HUD and does not (and cannot) accept Sec 8. If you want to use your voucher, you must look for rental ads which state "Sec 8 ok."

      by ibu guru - 17 hours ago

    • You can't. If the apartment is that perfect, it looks like you may have to pay for it yourself or look for another one that accepts Section 8. People who own properties do not have to accept Section 8 vouchers. It is up to them.

      by Ann - 17 hours ago

    • No, if they do not take it there is no way to force them. No landlord in the US is legally required to accept Section 8. They have every right to refuse.

      by Wildcat - 17 hours ago

    • Don't blame your landlord for not accepting you, the government makes it very difficult for landlords when it comes to sec. 8. Too much paperwork and too many rules.

      by reenzz - 17 hours ago

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