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    Who's responsibility is it to replace microwave a landlord provided in a furnished house, which has broken?

    If a microwave oven provided as part of a "furnished" house rental breaks down, whos responsibility is it to replace it? Am I right to assume that in the same way that if the cooker/washing machine/boiler etc. became faulty, then it is the landlords responsibility to repair or replace it? We are currently paying extra each month to rent a "furnished" house and the landlord is refusing to replace a broken microwave which must've only cost him about £40! Thanks in advance for your answers :)
    a few seconds ago 8 Answers

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    OMG its a microwave furnished would consist of beds, and sofa that is it, if it is broke go to asda and send 20 quid on a new one.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • What constitutes 'furnished' should be specified in the lease. If the microwave is not explicit in the lease then you'll need to replace it. But you can take it with you when you leave.

      by Shamrock4751 - 21 hours ago

    • If the agreement is silent on this then the LL has to repair or replace a faulty appliance that was in place when you moved in. Write a letter asking politely for it to be repaired or replaced on the basis that it is part of the house equipment and get all to sign. Keep a copy. If he drags his feet write again offering to buy one and deduct the cost from your rents. All to sign again. That may well do the trick.

      by Bazza - 21 hours ago

    • The landlord is only responsible to repair anything 1) Specified in section 11 of the 1985 Landlord & Tenant Act; or 2) Specified as his responsibility in the tenancy agreement So, your microwave is your responsibility - unless your landlord has done something himself to damage it. Think of it this way - if YOU hadn't used it, it wouldn't have broken! If you choose to replace it, you DO NOT have to replace it with a new model (google: landlord betterment), just one of a similar age with the same features. EDIT: FidoMC disagrees with me, but the link provided makes no mention of repairs!

      by Dave - landlord unmasked - 21 hours ago

    • What is described in your lease as the furnishings? If a microwave is not explicitly mentioned as something your landlord provides, it is not a furnishing in the apartment and would be your responsibility to replace, should you choose to replace it.

      by msi_cord - 21 hours ago

    • Nope a micro wave is a luxury and NOT a necessity. Such as a washer, dryer and dishwasher. Landlord only must supply a Stove

      by ? - 21 hours ago

    • If it only cost about £40, is it really worth having an argument about and souring relations with your landlord...?

      by ! - 21 hours ago

    • If anything supplied by a landlord breaks down it is his or her obligation to have it repaired. So your answer is yes he must make good or replace.

      by Fidomc - 21 hours ago

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