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    How long can a landlord leave a tenant without any running water?

    Due to the weather the pipes in 15 buildings of my apartment complex busted on Friday. The maintenance people worked on it a little bit Friday then left. We called Saturday morning and were told a plumber was coming to fix the problem. Called again Saturday around 5pm and was told that the plumber still hadn't shown up and the apartment manager "guessed she would call him again to see when he was coming." We have a 7 month old baby who has to have bottles so we've been trying to buy water to boil at least to wash them. Every time we call the manager she seems to give us the run around. How long can the leave us without water and how long do we have to wait to call a plumber our self?
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    Sorry, I know it sucks and it's a huge hassle, but they are not doing anything wrong. Your landlord is doing what she can, so she cannot be held liable for anything. Things like this are called "accidents" for a reason, and you are expecting the impossible. No, she is not required to put you up in a hotel because the damage was not caused by her negligence. You will just have to wait it out.
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    Other Answers

    • READ your lease, carefully Put it in writing to your LL, politely They have left you without running water for more than 72 hours, you have been patient Keep your receipts for water, etc. Request that LL put you up in motel as they have breached the warranty of habitability, it is unsafe and unsanitary

      by chatsplas - 4 minutes ago

    • With the current 'bad' weather.....I'm sure ALL plumbers are busier than they've ever been....just give them time.

      by Linda R - 4 minutes ago

    • Hello Sharon, Are the tenants still living in your rental? If so, you need to file an unlawful detainer to evict your non paying tenants and get a judgement for what they owe you. Once you get a judgement, there are many things you can do to collect the past rent. You can turn it over to a collection agency and receive a small portion of the value of the judgement. Or you can have them subpeoned and brought before a judge to attach their wages or any bank accounts. Good luck.

      by slice - 4 minutes ago

    • If you have burst pipes in fifteen assorted buildings, this is going to be a MAJOR repair job. Don't expect to get water quickly. The complex is doing what it can to remedy the situation. As others have said, don't bother attempting to get a plumber on your own. No plumber in his right mind will commence work on such a situation unless authorized by management. Understand that neither the manager nor the plumber can create a miracle here. Water will need to be turned off, burst pipes located (possibly inside the walls) and repairs made. You could be facing a week without water. Only time will tell.

      by acermill - 4 minutes ago

    • As long as the repairs take. Landlord complied with the law by calling the plumber. Landlord is NOT obligated to do anything else. Calling a plumber yourself is useless. No plumber will answer your call since you are NOT the owner

      by ? - 4 minutes ago

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