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    Landlord made me pay rent during apartment reconstruction when it was uninhabitable, is this against the law?

    I live in an apartment in Pullman and it is now a 1 bedroom. This past summer it got remodeled from a two bedroom into a one bedroom and while the apartment was getting remodeled my landlord made me pay for it. Rent is $530 a month, and it was uninhabitable for two months; sawdust everywhere and all of my belongings in the kitchen. It ended up costing me $960 while I was not living there. I also had to pay $780 to live elsewhere. There was damage done to the walls before the remodel but nothing my security deposit couldn't have covered. I was wondering what people think about this, should I get my money back. I live in the state of Washington and go to school at WSU so I could really use this money. Thanks for any opinions.
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    Since you left your furnature there you have a problem with collecting. You will have to prove they would not allow you out of the lease, the landlord did something to prevent you from just moving on out.
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    Other Answers

    • You state that there was damage that your security deposit could cover. If you damage the rental, the landlord has the right to repair the damage you caused while you live there.

      by Trouble - 5 hours ago

    • Was it your decision that the place was uninhabitable? Or did your landlord tell you to move out while she was remodeling your unit? Unless your landlord told you to move out until the work was finished, you owe the rent.

      by R P - 5 hours ago

    • Why on earth would you pay rent for a place you cannot even live in? What were you thinking? No, you should NOT have to pay rent when the place is being renovated and uninhabitable! So, what do you intend to do about it NOW?

      by Genuine Guidance - 5 hours ago

    • I believe you have grounds for a lawsuit but will this guy make your life a living hell if you do go after him. If so you could stay at the other apartment that you used for two months and then go after him.

      by Ben - 5 hours ago

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