Who is responsible for shoveling snow in an apartment, the landlord or the tenant?

The apartment is a duplex with the landlord on one side and the tenant on the other side.Therefore it is an owner occupied unit.
I am not the owner. I am the renter. The owner, the landlord lives in the house. It is a duplex. Wouldn't it be her responsibility and not mine? She owns the house and the driveway. I don't own it. Why should I be responsible for property I do not own?
Let the mailman slip on the ice and snow. He'll sue the landlord anyway.

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Probably the landlord, since he is the property owner.
But be a good guy and give him a hand.
You do reside there too.

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If you rented a house the responsibility would be yours so I would think your sidewalk is your responsibility.

by French Fry Hunter - 3 years ago

Read your lease. If it states you shovel then you shovel.
Since the landlord lives next door why not be a good neighbor and ASK

by someone - 3 years ago

The landlord. Definitely. 100% As the PROPERTY OWNER, the building's landlord must shovel the snow. Obviously, the building's superindendent or maintenace staff will do the shoveling. I would imagine that your landlord would not be out busting his hump with the shovel (unless he's a real good guy).
But, in the case of somebody slipping and falling on ice or snow, the property owner is the one liable to get sued, and that includes by his or her own tennants. So, when it snows, it's the landlord who needs to shovel and salt, including the stoop, steps, driveways, and/or the sidewalk adjacent to the building, up to where either the buidling ends or the next building begins.


by Charles K - 3 years ago

READ the lease.
Typically with a single family home, duplex, townhome, the tenant is responsible for their own snow removal.
LLs have no legal duty to remove snow from premises you are renting in most jurisdictions.
If not spelled out in lease, it's your job, probably.


by chatsplas - 3 years ago

Read the lease. No way to know from here.

by Common Sense - 3 years ago


by Doubtful Debbie - 3 years ago

In most places, if it's a townhouse/home/duplex, you'd be on the hook for your part. At a building of apartments, they'd do it for you.

by the kid - 3 years ago

Some places have a law that the sidewalk needs to have the snow shovelled within 12 hours of a snowfall, so someone has to do it.

by ill-advised - 3 years ago

Your lease should let you know for sure. Generally though, snow removal is the tenant's responsibility if the tenant has sole use of the driveway; in a situation where the parking area/sidewalk is shared among several tenants, it's the landlord's responsibility.

by mejaki - 3 years ago

in that case you have to work it out with the owner. I lived in a place like that and I made the owner shovel because I hate snow. HATE it. and the driveway was slippery and sloped so any time I tried I would fall and break my @$$. F that. I was late to work several times because I'd have to wait for my landlord to get out of bed and shovel but no one at my office really cared.

basically, if you want it done by a certain time so you can leave and get to work, do it yourself. if you can't or won't do it yourself, you're at the mercy of your landlord. IF the landlord agrees to shovel your side, and he may not. he may only want to do his own side and you may have to do your own. just casually ask him if you should buy a shovel or if he's going to take care of it.

by Because I Said So - 3 years ago

By default, it is your responsibility to shovel your sidewalk, driveway, etc. The landlord's side should be dealt with by the landlord. If your lease states otherwise, then this is what you go by.

However, if a third party were to get hurt because of the snow, it would be the owner's liability (your landlord's). So, it might be worth it to try and come to an agreement where he will provide the shovel, salt, etc. and you do the muscle work.

It doesn't matter that the landlord lives there. If it were another tenant on the other side, it would be the same deal.

by cowgrl - 3 years ago

depends on what the lease says.

by njyogibear - 3 years ago

I own a duplex and live in part of it. The lease my tenants sign states that they are responsible for snow removal around their own entrance and their parking space. Don't worry about the mailman, if he falls and sues it will be the landlord.

by Classy Granny - 3 years ago