Can a landlord evict you during winter time (in Ontario)?

We are renting in Ontario, and are behind rent payment.
I was wondering if someone has experience with the hearing (from the landlord tenant board)and knows if they evict you during winter time.
We have no family in Canada and no place to go to if will be evicted. We have 2 kids .Does it makes any difference to their decision?
Any information would be appreciated.

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the landlord is not a charity. The fact that it is cold out there makes no difference.The fact that you have kids makes no difference.

sorry, but it's a tough world and you need to look after yourself. Rather than just sitting there waiting to be thrown out, get in touch with your landlord and explain when you will be able to pay. If the answer is 'never' then I'm afraid you are out the door.

talking of charity, it might be time to find out if there is any help out there.

good luck.

3 years ago

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if you don't pay your bills, he/she could evict you
but he must give you at least 2 weeks notice before you have to leave the house

by Lilede Nasuz - 3 years ago

Seaon has nothing to do with your contact. You can be evicted every month of the year if you violated the contract.

You go to another rental or a motel, there are thousands of places to go.

by Landlord - 3 years ago

i would call the attorney general

by srchnga - 3 years ago

Here is the accurate answer from the Ontario Landlord & Tenant Board web site:

Can a tenant be evicted in the winter?

Yes. There is nothing in the Residential Tenancies Act that prevents a tenant from being evicted during the winter months.

With that said, the LTB is still biased towards tenants and a lot will depend upon your history of payments and the likelihood of your being able to pay the arrears. If you have been making partial payments, or paying some at the beginning of the month and the balance in the middle when your next paycheque comes in, then you will probably find that the LTB will grant you an extension to pay so that you will not be evicted during the winter. But if you have not been reasonable or acting in good faith, then you will be out.


by Dogpile344 - 3 years ago