What does the fraction mean in an apartment rental listing?

Example: "$750 / 3br - 5 1/2 for rent"
When browsing craigslist in my home city of Vancouver, I never see people do this, but when browsing listings for Montreal, most of them have fractions on the end like that. Sometimes it is typed as a decimal (5.5, 2.5, etc). I've determined that it is not describing the number of bedrooms or bathrooms. What does this number mean?

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i'ts the number of room in the appartement. The bathroom is the .5 so example (1bedroom,living room,kitchen and bathroom) we will say a 3.5 for the same type with 2 bedroom it's a 4.5 and the 3 bedroom is the 5 1/2


3 years ago

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I would guess that means a half of a room, like maybe it is a sitting room and not a full bedroom. I am not in Canada and I dont know for sure. Very interesting.

I read the other answer and it is very odd. When I lived in Manhattan a 3-room apartment was 1-bedroom, living room and the bathroom was one room.

You should post this in Vancouver in Travel. Thats is what I do for this type of question

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