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    What is the law regarding accepting Section 8 housing vouchers at a multifamily property in Illinois?

    Is acceptance based on the discretion of the owner/landlord? Or is it required by law to at least say as a landlord "yes, we accept housing vouchers" knowing that the client will more than likely not be approved?
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    You are not required to take them. Your verbal approval is not enough, you have to sign a contact with HUD to accept the vouchers.
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    Other Answers

    • No, the law does not mandate that you accept Section 8, at all. If you want to accept Section 8 voucher tenants you have to do some paperwork with your local Housing Authority. The only advantage for a landlord is that most of the rent comes from the county and is guaranteed, and if the tenant does not pay their portion, you are not out very much until you evict them. If you have a decent property and dont want to accept a voucher you simply tell the person you dont take vouchers. The laws of my state require affordable housing units be available but that is the local municipality's responsibility, not the individual landlord's. When a person gets a voucher, the size of the apartment is indicated on the face of the voucher, and they are not allowed to pay a higher rent than the Housing guidelines allow. If your rent for a 1 bedroom is $1000 and Housing allows a client to only $800 for a 1-bdrm, that is what they have to look for. You are not allowed to take a cash payment from a voucher holder to pay the $200 difference.

      by Flower - 6 hours ago

    • In times past, landlords were required to accept Sec 8 vouchers as a form of payment. That is no longer the case. Any landlord is free to refuse to accept a tenant if he is aware that Sec 8 is the form of payment. The ONLY requirement is that the landlord cannot refuse such if he accepts Sec 8 at other of his properties.

      by acermill - 6 hours ago

    • You are not required to rent to a tenant on a housing voucher, many rental ads say no Section 8 meaning no housing is accepted by the landlord/ owner. It is your choice. I prefer to have section 8 tenants they are good tenants and have to go by to the housing rules or be taken off the program, and are just happy to have a home to live in. You receive a check for the rent so rent is guaranteed on the first of each month. Happy New year.

      by Janice 10 - 6 hours ago

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