Can my landlord evict me if I have no lease?

We moved in to this apartment thinking the guy who showed us the apartment was showing if for the landlord. He actually was the renter and he couldn't afford the rent thus was finding someone new, we found that out after the landlord contacted us by phone. The guy who should us the apartment gave it to him. We have never met the landlord, and we paid the 1st months rent but now he says we have to make the 2nd months rent and then he will send the lease. I do not have faith in this because it was a bad thing when it happend, and now I will not be getting a lease for the next month until paid. Is it true, at any time he can kick me out? I do have the proof that we paid the 1st months rent and I have text messages from him saying that exact thing about the leas, but to me it is not signing anything so is it even legal?
I paid the first months rent to the landlord not the guy that showed me the apartment.

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It was not legal for you to move into his property, but it does not sound like he is going to throw you out.

Once he accepts rent from you you will be his tenant.

3 years ago

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Unfortunately you were scammed by the current tenant. The landlord can kick you out because you're squatters. You paid rent, but not to him! If he's offering you a lease, you have the option to sign the lease and pay him what he wants or you can choose to move out right away and go find another place.

by the_unluckiest - 3 years ago

his place. his rules. he can evict you.

by Common Sense - 3 years ago

yes, the landlord can evict you because you are staying in his apartment without his knowledge and lease. You have to pay rent to the landlord and sue the other guy who rented it to you.

by T E - 3 years ago

He cannot just kick you out. No lease does not mean no rules. He still has to follow the landlord tenant laws for your state. With no lease a landlord can give you 30 days notice at any time & do not have to give you a reason.

I do not see waiting for a 2nd month rent to be paid on time to have you sign the lease as a red flag. This is actually pretty smart on the landlords part. Since they did not get to screen you to start off with they are just double checking that you are going to be a good paying tenant before they lock themselves into a lease.


by Wildcat - 3 years ago

you say you do not have faith..excuse me???? you want to stay, he is not your landlord and you are not his tenant.

regardless of what you think or what happened, that landlord wants the bill to be paid. pay him or leave is my advise.

i dont understand where you are coming from - basically you can be charged with trespassing nevermind eviction.

by Winters child - 3 years ago

He doesn't need to evict you. With no lease, he just needs to give you 30 days notice to vacate.

by the kid - 3 years ago

If you have paid the landlord money, he cannot just kick you out. The moment you pay rent, a contract is made. He could go through the legal process of eviction to remove you but if he wants you to sign a lease, I think this is unlikely. You are a tenant and would have to be evicted through the legal process.

by msi_cord - 3 years ago

Technically the renter abandoned the premises and sublet them. If the lease does not allow for subletting the owner CAN kick you out as you're trespassing and have no proof (a lease) to the contrary.

I'd come while you were at work, take your things and change the locks.

by Nobel Devotie - 3 years ago