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    Do you have the right to tell someone not to park in front of your house?

    We have new neighbors on one side of us have started to cause trouble with us since they moved in about a week ago. When they first arrived their moving truck was parked out front for about 24 hours completely blocking our driveway, they did not apologize or let us know that they would be blocking our driveway for an entire work day. We did not mention anything because it was a one time thing. After that they began parking 2 of their 3 cars in front of our house while having nothing in their garage and only 1 car in their driveway as well as room for a car infront of their own house, which they left open. After a week I realized they thought this was ok, so I just simply parked my car in front of our house while they were out thinking maybe they would get the idea incase it was an accident. Instead, they parked their cars behind mine completely blocking my driveway and then they also pulled their 3rd car out of their driveway and put it in front of mine so I completely blocked in and can not move my car. I had some very important appointments to get to this morning but couldn't because they did not answer when I knocked on their door and they also have yet to move the cars. My husband is on his way home to speak with them but I would like to know what kind of rules apply to parking in front of someone elses house. Obviously its not illegal or any serious offense, but is their anything we can do to insure they can't park there? It's very annoying to look out and see 3 cars lined up in front of my house all day long, especially when there is room in their driveway as well as in front of their own house. Plus, now when my guests come over there is no room in front of my house so they are all parking down the street or in front of other peoples yards which isn't fair to the other neighbors. Thanks for you help =] PS- We live in a very small town where everyone has driveways and a garage/carport and while it isn't uncommon for someone to park in front of their house, we aren't a city where we have parking spots on the street or have to fight to find parking by our house. In our neighborhood most people either use their garage or driveway to park in and don't usually use the street except for short amounts of time.
    a year ago 12 Answers

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    It depends on if you own the road or not. If you own it then no. However if you live on a public street every one has the right to park there. Their rights equal yours. They can park there every day if they want. They however can not block yoru driveway so you can't get out, you can call the police if they do that.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Actually, it is illegal to block your driveway...however, it is perfectly legal for them to park in front of your house since you do not own the street or sidewalk. My suggestion is to speak with your husband first about the situation. What you have to decide is how far you want this to go and in what direction. You can either make life long friends or have enemies until one of you moves out. I don't suggest getting their car towed as a way to start things off, yes, they blocked your driveway...but in order to keep some sense of civility, I highly suggest you all come to an agreement like adults...

      by evaohell - 5 hours ago

    • Oh my gosh. I feel so sorry for you because I have had this problem before. I have lived in my home for over 12 years and on either side of me and across the street a variety of renters have come and gone over the years. Many have parked their cars in front of my home when they had space in front of theirs! It appalls me, and also, they have their visiting family or friends do the same. One night I pulled out of my garage to head to the drugstore for aspirin because I had a headache, Luckily as I pulled out I happened to glance in the rear view mirror and saw a car parked in front of my driveway. I slammed on my brakes and jumped out of the car. The people next door were on their lawn just talking. I said, "I almost hit your car." So with a look of resentment, the perpetrator moved his car as if I were inconveniencing him. Okay - this is a bad problem you are having. It is illegal to block someone's driveway if you cannot pull out and you can call the police and it will be towed. Also, if someone leaves a car in front of your home indefinitely, or if that car has no license plates, it can be towed. The downside is it doesn't make for a good situation with your neighbors. If they are ignorant enough to park in front of your home and block your driveway, they are jerks and might resent what you do. That would make you nervous if they are vindictive. But it is not illegal to park in front of your home under normal circumstances. I have a homeowners organization, and the only time they'd get involved in that is if an RV was parked on the street for a certain length of time because it is against the rules and regulations. I feel so sorry for you. Good luck. Oh, one time last Christmas my next door neighbor had his relatives' cars parked in front of my home for two weeks, which meant my relatives and friends had to park in front of someone else's homes. I got so mad I turned on the lawn sprinklers because they tend to blow water on the cars. It didn't stop them, though! Now that I've vented, I am very glad your husband will talk to these neighbors. Legally he does not have a case, but if they are actually good people, maybe the talk will do some good. Again, good luck.

      by fried_twinkie1 - 5 hours ago

    • I had the same problem, this is very annoying it gives me a problem entering my drive way. so I called my local police few time, and what they start doing is every time if there's a car parking 5ft in from my drive way, they will give them a $30 ticket. and I'm using my parents name that is older over 65 to apply for handicap parking front of my house, so no body can park there without a handicap pass. Done I can keep front of my house clear all times.

      by Ken K - 5 hours ago

    • It is legal for them to park in front of your house on the street as that is city property. However, if they are blocking your driveway, you can have their vehicle towed or have them cited by the police or city.

      by Heather - 5 hours ago

    • It's not legal for them to block your driveway, other than that if they are parking on a public street, it is legal and nothing you can do about it.

      by Classy Granny - 5 hours ago

    • If they block your driveway or block you in on the street where you can not get out, call the police. They will tow the car.

      by not now - 5 hours ago

    • They can't block your driveway, but they are allowed to park where they want, legally. In the road, in their driveway, in their yard or garage. The moving truck shouldn't have blocked your driveway, and you should have immediately told them to move it. You making such a huge deal of this because you don't like to look at their cars on the street, makes me very happy that I'm not living in your neighborhood. You'd probably yell at me for not planting my flowers evenly.

      by Sheila valencia - 5 hours ago

    • You cannot stop them from parking their car on the street if they are legally parked. If they are parked illegally (blocking driveway, blocking in your car) simply call the police and the police will issue tickets have them towed.

      by Pascal the Gambler - 5 hours ago

    • yes you can also get the vehicle towed on there expense.

      by bkzant93 - 5 hours ago

    • I think you should call the cops if they are blocking your driveway

      by San - 5 hours ago

    • Yep, it's legal to park on a public street, but not to block your driveway. Ask them to move it and if they don't get it towed. But perhaps bringing them fresh baked cookies and welcoming them would be better.

      by Nobel Devotie - 5 hours ago

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