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    Landlords: Gross income or net income?

    This is to landlords [or others who have first hand experience applying to rent an apartment] Is it gross income you look at or "net" income? My understanding is that it is the applicant's gross income [before taxes, deductions etc] and that their rent should not exceed 1/3 of their gross income.
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    you shouldn't spend more than 35% of your gross pay on rent. when they call to verify your income, your employer will most likely tell them your gross pay. it's none of the landlord's business what your net pay is, because that's based on how much you put into 401K, insurance premiums your company takes out, etc.
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    • That is a common "rule of thumb" and that would be the gross income. But a landlord is under no law to use that common rule of thumb and can do whatever calculation they want.

      by glenn - 5 hours ago

    • I think they are both delicious.

      by Dominic - 5 hours ago

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