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    Richmond VA Renting Apartments w/ Bad Credit?

    I have to find a new place by Feb 1st and I have pretty awful credit, I have a good stable job that pays enough for a 2 bedroom with rent from 600-750 a month but I don't want to live in the ghetto because of past financial issues, are there any communities or realty companies in the West End or Glen Allen that might be good for me?
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    Awful credit and no landlord will accept you as a tenant. Does not matter what you earn, you don't pay your bills. Ask your parent to cosign
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    • Try looking towards the east end. Highland Springs and Sandston have some inexpensive apartments. Highland Woods is located on E. Beal Street and S. Oak. Ok, they aren't the best apartments but they are not Section 8. Poke around that area and see what you can find. Now, another option is The Fan. There are a lot of independent renters out there. Most do not check credit. Also, you can rent a room from someone who is already on a contract. However you will probably be a roommate and that may be a situation you want to avoid. Keep an eye on Craigs List. Sometimes a student leaves early and has a contract that they can not afford to break therefore you can snag their place in the renters agreement without a credit check. Also you have a few places where everyone is freaking out about loosing their home so you can rent an actual house. I live on the south side (just a few minutes from Chesterfield) and we actually have a few houses going for your price range however we aren't in the nicest of areas but also it is not really bad. I hope that this helps. Good luck!

      by rec4lms - 20 hours ago

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