do you have to give the landlord your forwarding address when you move?

my landlord is a real pain in the neck. I want to move but can not afford to right now. If and when I move I was just curious as to whether I had to give him my forwarding address or not. I would rather not. thanks.

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Read your lease, legally you don't have to but, if the lease requires it, is best to do it. Most of the time this is cover on the MOVE-OUT PROCEDURES part of the lease,

Good luck

3 years ago

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It might depend upon whether you are expecting a refund of your deposit. Legally, you aren't.

by spyguy - 3 years ago

Have to? No. But it won't be hard for him to get.

by Common Sense - 3 years ago

YES! You must give some kind of a forwarding address even if it is just a PO box. Even if you think they will keep your deposit there is still paperwork they are legally required to send you after you move out.


by Wildcat - 3 years ago

If he is holding a security deposit he has 30 days after you leave to return it, so if you want it he'll need a forwarding address

by Classy Granny - 3 years ago

Maybe you can give him your parents address and your parents can forward the security deposit to you.

Or...just get a PO box from the post office. You don't HAVE to, but you should if you expect your deposit back.

by Where's my scooby snack? - 3 years ago