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    Can i apply for emergency section 8 or hud housing if i have a dissability if the waiting list is closed.?

    I have a learning disability,as well as my daughter.she is autistic,developmental delay. we need emergency housing through section 8,or hud.i have 5 children. 4 girls,a boy. i was told the application process is closed. is there an accept ion to the process? we need housing, please help i need info asap..
    4 days ago 4 Answers

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    Of course not. Even if they were taking applications you have to wait your turn, your children are not more important then another mothers children. People have been waiting for years, you can't just tell them to kiss off while you parade on in without waiting just like them. The emergency housing is called a homeless shelter. You can usually stay in them a couple of months while you save up to get a place on your own.
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    Other Answers

    • Closed, no exceptions, The waiting list is already too long.

      by ? - 6 hours ago

    • No exception. Everyone on the list has to qualify. Many have severe disabilities, kidney dialysis, severe asthma, loss of leg, etc. Learning disability does not necessarily qualify as a disability. Most people have learning disabilities and learn to work with them or overcome them and become productive members of society. Having a special needs child is a factor in qualifying for Section 8.

      by chatsplas - 6 hours ago

    • this is just an example but it may work for you in your area as well. a friend needed section 8 and was told in cook county the list was closed and the wait to get on the wait list was about 1yr or more but in LAke county IL, the list was open and she was in a home in about 5 months. so try looking into different areas. you may not live in the desired area but you could find housing faster as you described. and what also helped my friend her daughter has mental retardation and was able to put her child in a school that could cater to her child's needs more by moving out of chicago. so also before picking a new county see what schools could offer your child the best education which specializes in autism?

      by duckies - 6 hours ago

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