How many handicap parking spaces does an apartment complex have to provide in San Antonio, TX?

There is one handicap spot in front of my building however, there are 2 different residents in my building that are disabled. Me being one of them. Unfortunately, for me, the other resident isn't as kind about sharing it with me as I am with him. He acts as though it is HIS and his only space. Finding a parking place even remotely close to my apartment can be quite challenging a good bit of the time. Before I complain to the leasing office I was hoping to know my rights. Does the complex have to give us both a disabled parking spot so that we BOTH can have easier access to our apartment?

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Handicapped parking spaces are not designated by how many handicapped people live in the building. They have to have x # per x # of spaces. As landlord noted if you live in a small complex the one space may be legal.


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Yes they do so copy the American With Disabilities Act, underline the pertinent paragraph and in writing request another spot be designated Handicap

by Iffy - 4 years ago

That was reallyl hard to find. Here are the requiresments, they are based on number of total spaces:

1 to 25 1
26 to 50 2
51 to 75 3
76 to 100 4
101 to 150 5
151 to 200 6
201 to 300 7
301 to 400 8
401 to 5000 9

by Landlord - 4 years ago