I have Section8 VOUCHER, I can move anywhere in the us?

are there decent section 8 places apartments/condos in Murieta, CA?
or that area inland empire CA? IF I have voucher from my state will CA
put me in a place soon? Has anyone moved from one state to another using the voucher?
any tips???

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Yes. You get a portable voucher and you have to indicate that you want to deposit the voucher to Riverside county. Your case worker will get in touch with that other Housing Authority and see if they can accept the voucher at this time. They will transfer your file. When you get it, you have 90 days to find a place.

4 years ago

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Well what i've heard is that you have to live in the county that gives you the section 8 voucher. So while you can move to another city or state you would have to live there to apply and they probably have a six month residency requirement and then might have a waiting list.

If you already have the voucher for the county you're in you can for sure live there. You could also ask your case worker about maybe moving and they might have some helpful insight.

by k a - 4 years ago

You can only use the voucher for the area you applied in

by My Take on It - 4 years ago

I've never moved out of the state with my voucher but you can port out which means use your voucher to move to any other state as long as they accept section 8 and have enough funds to cover your voucher. Here in wisconsin you have to use your voucher in the city and state for at least one full year before they let you port out and use it in another state. But be sure to check with your section 8 specialist on this to be 100% sure.

by ♫ I Got Myself a Sponsor ♫ - 4 years ago

It is only good in the county that issued it. You can transfer, after 12 months. Your lease has to have expired, the county you live in has to approve the move (as they are losing those funds for their county) and the receiving county has to also approve. They will only approve you if they have excess units available and your voucher amount is equal to or more then the monthly rent. Your case worker has to handle all of this for you.

CA has a housing shortage right now, until the econpmy improves you can pretty much count on there not being any excess of section 8 housing.

by Janet P - 4 years ago