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    I want him out... ASAP. I rented a room to a strange character to say the least?

    I rent a 3 bedroom condo. I'ts really too big for just me..After 6 months of thinking, I decided to take on a renter for 1 bedroom. Very strange he is. He stayed in his room for the most part. A nother person was in need of a room to rent. so I did it. I swore years ago that I'd never have a roommate for the rest of my days but here I am with 2 now. The two renters dont like each other.I'm ready to put out the first renter. He's really far gone in the head. He lives, eats and breaths, Star Trek He gets in full costume as the Ambassador, (Spock) He insists on conversation w/ me. I'm not interested in small talk about Star Trek .I dont want a buddy, just a renter period! Ive been pleasant to him, but now he's rude to the second renter I took on. #2 says he's going to have to move. I dont want him to. I told him I'd get rid of the trekky if he stayed.. I live in Las Vegas NV. I dont know the law on how long ( if any)I have to give him to move out. Im being told anywhere from no notice, to 30 day written notice. He's becoming more difficult to live with. One night I was knelt down in the dark trying to plug a light in. I had my back to the door and was actually scared he might hurt me. cause I told him he had to move. Yes, He's that strange I wouldnt doubt he could go postal at any time. He didn't act like this when we first met. As a matter of fact, he was very quiet, almost shy like a little boy.. My question is, Im the tenant origanally. Im the only one legally responsible for anything that goes wrong in the condo. Do the same rules apply to me when Ive rented out as they do for a lanlord/ tenant agreement?. BTW the owner/landlord knows that Ive rented out my rooms. He said I have all the power of renting to whomever I want and the say so if I want them to leave. My life was peacful . no drama. Now I feel like I'm raising another child. Please hepl. I need to know what the law is.
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    Unless he has a lease you just need to give him a 30 day written notice, no reason is required.
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    • What you are doing is subletting. When you sublet, you take on the role of landlord to your subtenants. Their agreement is with you and they pay you rent. If there is a written, fixed term lease, you are pretty much stuck with this (roomie) unless and until he violates the lease or the lease expires. If there is no written lease, your roomie is your month to month subtenant. If this is the case, Nevada landlord/tenant laws require you (as the landlord) to give the tenant proper written notice to terminate his tenancy. How much notice depends on how long the tenant has lived in the rental unit. 30-Day Notice to Quit: If the tenant has a month-to-month tenancy, you can use a 30-day notice to terminate the tenancy if they have resided at the premises for less than one year. In most circumstances, you don’t have to state a reason for terminating the tenancy. 60-day notice to Quit: Must be served on the tenant if they have resided at the premises for more than one year. If your tenant does not vacate per your written notice, then you will have to evict the tenant through the courts. The cost to do so is your responsibility, not your landlord's. http://www.nevadacountycourts.com/documents/public/PLCForms/UD_Basic_Inst_Landlord.pdf

      by Trouble - 5 hours ago

    • was a contract signed? if so, what are the terms?

      by E.U. - 5 hours ago

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