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    squatters rights washington state?

    Me and my daughters lived with my father as his health started failing. When he passed away the will left everything he owned to his brother several states away. The brother has never shown any desire to claim anything in the will and its now been 16 years. However I'm not sure if he knows I'm living in the house his brother willed to him, we have never really gotten along him and I. So we continue to live in the house afriad that one day his brother will come and try to take it since its in his name. Can he kick us out since we have lived there rent free for 16 years? We have been paying the property tax for all those years. Also If he passes away (he's 83) will the house go to the bank if he doesn't will it to someone else?
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    Where I live you need to be living in a place 20 years to claim it thru adverse possession but according to something I found, it sounds like its just 10 years in Washington State. Here is the link: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_law_governing_adverse_possession_in_Washington Not sure how accurate this info is, however, and there may be other issues I'm not aware of, but it sounds like its a good chance you already own the place (though you have to go thru an adverse possession claim to gain legal title). I'd contact a real estate lawyer. They can verify if you are the owner and walk you thru how to get it put in your name if you are. It won't be cheap but it sounds like its well worth the effort.
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    • If the will was a legally binding document that said the brother gets the house, then yes, there is not much you could do about it. It still belongs to the brother.

      by Setsuna - 14 hours ago

    • If you are going to try and steal the house you need an attorney. There are lots of rules regarding being a squatter. Him not knowing you are there should make you a trespasser, not a squatter. Him knowing you are there should make you a relative living in his home, not a trespasser or a squatter. He can not "kick you out", he has to give you 30 days to move. When he passes the house would only go to the bank if there is a mortgage that goes unpaid, in that case it is foreclosed. Otherwise it would go to his next of kin, his wife, his children or his grandchildren.

      by Janet P - 14 hours ago

    • you can find it in tools on this website http://topfin3.notlong.com/2AAMOUF

      by ? - 14 hours ago

    • Interesting! Wow, does he even know he owns the house? So, when he passes, how would anyone even KNOW about your house? Especially since he lives 2 states away. Not like you could ever sell the house, but @ least you have a place to live. I'm going to google squatter's rights.

      by Lucia in Iowa - 14 hours ago

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