Bed Bugs. Who is responsible. Landlord or tenant in pittsburgh pa in a 16 unit apartment building?

Past 3 weeks me and my sister have been getting this rash on us. We thought maybe it was fleas from the cat. Fogged the apartment yesterday night for fleas. Went to go wash the dust ruffle on the bed and found a colony of bed bugs ont he bottom side of the mattress. We are supposed to be moving to a new place on tues (it is sat) and have read that you cant move for 2 months or you risk spreading it to your new place. Also called the landlord. It is a properties inc company and he claims he has never in his life even heard of bedbugs and will exterminate after we move. What do we do.
it is an apartment building. you saying they are spread by contact. why dont u research apartment buildings and bed bugs. they travel apartment to apartment. whose to say someone else did not bring them in. they are attracted to co2. me and my sister are not "dirty" people. they are BED BUGS. never had this problem before nor did we travel anywhere to bring them here. my boyfriend ive been with for 6 years does not have bed bugs either and nor does his moms house. im either there or here. so how do you expect "were" the ones to blame here

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No, bed bugs, body lice and genital crabs are spread by contact, they do not roam around, migrate or swarm. The only possible way your landlord would be responsible for your bugs is if he has been rolling around between your sheets. Someone sleeping in your bed has also been in an infested bed and brought them home. Or you bought a used mattress they were living in.

This is a personal infestation, to be dealt with personally, not any more your landlords problem then if you brought home crabs.

You need to call an exterminator, and pay him yourself. Personally I would buy a new mattress too.

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There is no way to prove that your mattress wasn't infested before you got there. Go to the web and look up how to rid a mattress of bedbugs.

by Milton - 4 years ago

It is tough to decide who is responsible. Bed bugs can come from anywhere - they can come in on animals or in infested furniture, they can come in the home from outside. There is no way to prove whether these little guys came from you (such as if you bought used furniture that had some you didn't notice), someone else's apartment, or just came in from outside.

Rather than pointing fingers at who's to blame, I would focus on getting rid of the critters. Have the landlord come in and exterminate all of the apartments. He needs to do it NOW rather than waiting for you to move, because the longer he waits the more chance there is of the little guys moving from your apartment to someone else's.

Wikipedia has some ways that you can kill any of the ones you see, including spraying rubbing alcohol on them or using a fabric steamer. Short of that, I would say toss the mattress, check for bedbugs in the rest of your furniture and either kill them or toss the furniture, and then go ahead and move. Let the landlord take care of getting them out of the apartment. However since bedbugs feast on human blood, they will more than likely migrate once you leave the apartment.


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