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    Statute of Limitations on a Judgement in Wisconsin? Buying a house?

    Hi there. My fiance and I would like to buy a house. I have a judgement on my record. We were told that this has to be paid before we can get approved for a home loan. I am not sure if statute of limitations is 7 or 10 years. I beleive that the judgement will come off of my credit report in 7 years. If the judgement falls off of my credit report, do you think we could get approved for a home loan then? The judgement was from 2004. I moved out of my parents house and got an apartment with a friend who couldn't come up wtih half of the rent. We were evicted and taken to court. That's the reason for the judgement. I am very responsible and always pay my bills on time. I just don't think that I should be responsible for this judgement becasue of my ex-roomate. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank You
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    Judgments stay on your credit for 10 years...renewable for another 10 years...total 20 years.
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    • All that figuring as to when it will come off your credit report is useless - A judgment is exactly that a "legal" judgment and never comes off your record until it is paid - as to how long it will stay there - well they still have judgments unpaid after 75 to 100 years so it's unlikely (unless it is paid) it will go away - most people don't understand that a legal judgment has absolutely no expiration time and only goes away when it is paid in full.

      by KlemKiddleHopper - 14 hours ago

    • ALTA says Wisconsin judgments attach and stay in status for 20 years. (Which means in WI they start at 20 years; no renewal needed)/ Means every time a lender does a public record search for liens that preclude a loan for a real estate purchase being in 1st title position, they will find this and require it paid before they CAN make you a loan to purchase real estate

      by wizjp - 14 hours ago

    • Judgments are not credits, as long as it is alive and well it is staying on your credit report. It will stay your entire life if you let and and your estate will have to pay it in the end. You aren't going to be buying a house with this there.

      by Landlord - 14 hours ago

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