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    How often does a landlord have to replace carpet or repaint in rental unit?

    I just moved out of the old apartment in Los Angeles, and I had lived there for more than 5 years. The landlord didn't return my deposit and saying that he need to replace a new carpet and paint the whole apartment. When I moved in he didn't even changed the new carpet, he just shampooed the carpet. Anyway, I heard that the landlord are supposed to replace a new carpet or repaint the apartment after certain years I am not sure how often but he never did anything when we lived there for more than 5 years. So what is the law in LA county?
    9 months ago 3 Answers

    Best Answer

    Never if they don't want to. But it might be tough to get a tenant with ratty carpet and sloppy walls. However, they cannot keep deposit money for normal wear and tear. Painting after 5 years is normal wear and tear. Having to replace drywall or fix large holes in the wall is damage. Carpet wears out. If the carpet wasn't new and wasn't in great shape when you moved in, then replacing the carpet is normal wear and tear and they can't keep your deposit. Damage would be when you spilled Hawaiian punch on the white carpet and the red stain stayed in it or when your cat peed on it. Your question was a bad one. You should have asked if a landlord can charge you for painting and carpet replacement after living there for 5 years. good luck!
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • I know in Ohio a LL must paint every 5 years and I do believe that carpeting is the same. Your best bet would be to call your local health department or possibly even the building inspector, I'm willing to bet they would either have the answers you need or be able to point you in the direction of those who do.

      by Joe - a day ago

    • Landlords are not required to make cosmetic repairs anywhere in the United States, period. Unless you wrote on your walls and put holes in them, Landlords have a hard time claiming normal wear and tear for having to paint an apartment that hasn't been painted in over 5 years. Same thing with carpeting, no signs of burns, tears, stains or other types of damage Landlords of a hard time justifying the claim. You need to think about you next move though, if you go to court to get your money back and lose you could end up paying twice the amount of your security or more after everything is said and done.

      by Christopher - a day ago

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