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    my landlord decided not to renew my lease w/out reason, have to move 11/30, am disabled what are my rights?

    Workmen wanted to enter my apartment to fix backed up toilets (I live in a townhouse that has eight units connected to it, my unit has the main sewer line), I asked them to please remove their shoes OR to put plastic bags, that I would supply, on over their boots, sneakers. I had just cleaned the floors. I have a legal disability to my back and neck. I explained this to the manager, and told her it is very difficult for me to clean the floors. She said she would evict me if I didn't let them in, I again explained the situation and said that I wouldn't not let them in. This was last week, when the workman came back ten minutes later, I let them in.One of them had been here previously and had no problem with my request then.When I asked him why he couldn't put plastic bags on over his sneakers, he said he didn't hear me ask, otherwise he would have. When I spoke to the manager after the work was completed, I told her there was a communications problem and I didn't mean any harm. She seemed okay with that and I thought that was the end of it.Then yesterday when I went to the office to ask for repairs to be made and to sign my new lease, she made a appointment for the repairs and said my new lease would be in the mail as the landlord was making corrections to some of the mistakes that were typed into the leases and it would be in the mail. Instead, today, I received a letter telling me my lease is going to expire on 11/30/09, and that it would not be renewed. I have lived on this landlords two different properties since 9/04, three of those years without a lease. Now all of a sudden he tells me I have to move and "he doesn't have to give me a reason". Again, I am disabled, and I would like to know if I have any legal rights in this matter. Thank you to all who reply with viable information.
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    Start here for some answers: http://portal.hud.gov/portal/page/portal/HUD/program_offices/fair_housing_equal_opp
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    • If he gave you 30 days notice you have to move out. He doesn't need to have a reason as to why he wants you out.

      by Maximus A - 7 hours ago

    • You do not have a legal right to force anyone to rent to you, disabled or not. He does not have to give a reason, just like you do not have to give a reason if you no longer want to rent from him. It is a 2-way street, both parties have to agree they want a new lease. You have a right to either 30 or 60 days notice of non0renewal, depending on your state. If you live in a 60 day state you do not have to be out until 12/22

      by Janet P - 7 hours ago

    • NOPE LL does NOT have to renew your lease, and does NOT have to give any reason for refusing to renew. It is LL's property and he has right to control who lives there. Being disabled gives you NO special right to have a lease renewal. Your rights are the same as anyone else's. A LL can decide not to renew a tenant's lease for any reason or no reason at all, as long as it is not on a legally prohibited basis. Doesn't sound like it here. So suggest, you try speaking with LL and seeing if you can work something out, but go as petitioner, not as someone with Legal Rights making Demands. Tell LL that you were not being deliberately obstructionist and uncooperative (which he seems to believe with some reason), but that there was a huge miscommunication problem on your part. READ your current lease. Generally a LL must give you X days notice before the end of your lease that he is not renewing it. Has he done so? You may be able to get an extra month of occupancy.

      by chatsplas - 7 hours ago

    • He is correct. Not renewing the lease is not an eviction and he does not have to have a reason. The only legal requirement in not renewing the lease is to give you 30 days notice and he has done that. The rest of what you posted has no legal bering on this issue. You have no choice but to move. Sorry.

      by Wildcat - 7 hours ago

    • Your landlord does not have to give you a reason. Just like you would not have to give him a reason if you decided not to live in his propery any more. Sounds like you got on his bad side. He might figure that it would easier to get a new tenant.

      by pvscholar - 7 hours ago

    • when your lease is up either one of you can choose not to renew it it's just like how they can't legally make you renew your lease if you didn't want to stay i think your better of starting to look for an apartment but i would go talk to the landlord and see why this is happening it really does seem unfair though and wearing plasic bags in the house is not an unreasonable request i would think your landlord would be thankful your taking care of her property

      by ? - 7 hours ago

    • Legally i dont think you have a choice but to move out, they have given you 30 days notice to leave and well yea im pretty sure they can do that. Try calling your local rental advice line, they would be able to tell you what is legal and acceptable etc. Good luck

      by Dash - 7 hours ago

    • Honestly, it's true -- he has no obligation to renew a lease or give you a reason. It is his property to do with as he wishes. What you can do is negotiate a later moving date. You can leverage your disability makes it more difficult for you and you want to respect your landlord's wishes but need more time to move. Ask if they can let you go on a monthly lease or sign a short term lease giving you a few more months to move. If you felt your non-renewal of the lease was moreso due to your disability, then you could argue disability discrimination. I would consult a lawyer about that possibility. It seems though that it's best for you to move since it would most likely be difficult dealing with this landlord in the future. Why would you want to stay in that kind of situation? I would highly suggest negotiating the later moving date but definitely move. Good luck!

      by RaRaGirl - 7 hours ago

    • If your lease was expiring, the landlord is within their rights not to renew it. For your next place, ask them to write in the lease agreement that they will take particular care that workpersons entering the unit will wear foot protection in order not to bring dirt into your unit. You could make an appeal directly to the landlord, but if the delays entering your unit to do the repairs caused additional damages to other units could have upset him/her. Or perhaps the landlord never intended to renew the lease and is selling the property.

      by Twitter Bird - 7 hours ago

    • Wht you do is ask the disabilty people about your rights .

      by jessieblue - 7 hours ago

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