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    Is it legal for my apartment complex to shut off water for 3 1/2 days straight?

    I just received notice that the water will be shut off from Tuesday through Thursday, and half of Friday due to "unforeseen circumstances". Is it legal for them to leave tenants without water for so many days straight? Should tenants be compensated in some way because of the inconvenience and cost to go somewhere else to take showers, use restroom, etc.?
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    This goes way beyond inconvenience--this is a serious health issue,,I agree that your Health Dept. needs to be called. I don't care whats wrong--that's way too much time to be down---and either something temporary should be set up--or you should be placed elsewhere until the water is restored, As a landlord--I hate shutting the water down for a minute---In 15 years I never had a building down for more then a day..If its a sudden Emergency like a main break I guess I would be helpless but at least Red Cross would show up to help. Otherwise i would have my Lawyer up whoevers *** is responsible for leaving my building dry.
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    • Depends where you live. Maybe they should offer to set you up in temporary accommodation (they pay). I would certainly enquire with a lawyer

      by danjambo - 13 hours ago

    • Amarie Good to hear you have it cleared up. However in the near future. If an owner needs to do major plumbing repairs that would require to have no water for 3 1/2 day they would be required to put you up in a hotel.

      by Big Deal Maker - 13 hours ago

    • Well if there is a water main break it will be in your best interest not to use the water. There may be some work being done and they may be able to do so if it is a hazard to use. Or if it gets in the way of fixing a problem. But not if they are just being nasty. Notice or no notice. They cannot have the utilities shut off on you unless the about has happened. I agree that you should receive compensation but that isn't the way it works. If its an inconvenience to you then you are expected to deal with it. If it is an inconvenience to them then you are expected to pay for it. That's pretty much how it works. Good luck.

      by super girl - 13 hours ago

    • Damn. That's harsh. But if the water doesn't work it doesn't work. I suggest you bath in the pool.

      by ilovestrawberry.com - 13 hours ago

    • Yes that is legal if they are doing it to fix something. Would you rather they were like some landlords and refused to fix anything?

      by Wildcat - 13 hours ago

    • Call the dept of health

      by Peachy - 13 hours ago

    • noooooo not unless your not paying the bill.

      by HI - 13 hours ago

    • No they can't charge you for water if there is no water call the police.

      by qwww456 - 13 hours ago

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