someone wrote ATF next to a signature...what does that mean?

I believe my landlord was given power of attorney through her aunt to act as landlord but I'm not sure (if she wasnt granted power of attorney and the real landlords signature was forged do I have to honor any agreement between me and the person posing as landlord??? )

both names are on the lease as landlord but next to the aunts printed name and signature is says ATF. The signatures of both landlords are the exact same like the calligraphy in the last names, has no difference in it. I'm wondering does ATF mean "authorized to forge" I made that up based off of what makes sense to it legal to forge someones signature??? also I've never seen or met the aunt she may not even exist...But my landlord her niece claims that she's the one who actually owns the house.
Its not initials...the owners initials are AC so it is legal to sign someones signature with their consent???

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That would most likely mean "Attorney In Fact" if she is signing with a power of attorney.

However if she is signing with a power of attorney she should sign with her own name with a statement that she is signing with a power of attorney, for another person. She should print the name of the person that she is signing for.

I recommend that you ask her what she meant.

5 years ago

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ATF wouldn't be the landlord's initials, would they? In some cases, it's legitimate to sign someone else's name to something if you put your own initials under the signature.

by rtfm - 5 years ago