Can a Realtor leave a For Sale sign in a yard after a house is in contract?

We signed a contract in early April and are supposed to close within the next week. The Realtor has not yet changed the status of the yard sign. My husband seems to think there is a law against leaving the For Sale sign up, but I can't find anything about it online. Thanks!

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There are no laws against leaving out a for sale sign even when the property is under contract. Once the property closes and the home belongs to you then you can remove the sign if they haven't removed it by then.

Honestly, a for sale sign in the yard means nothing in terms of status. Many times a Realtor will put up a "pending" or "under contract" rider on the sign but they do that mostly to promote themselves to other home owners in the neighborhood. Think about it, neighbors drive by a home and see a for sale sign come up and then a few weeks later they see a "under contract" sign and think wow... that Realtor really get results.

5 years ago

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Laws vary by community. In most you can leave the sign up until legally the house has not sold until the final papers are signed.

by bluegoat114 - 5 years ago

Yes, but they change the website listing that the house is under contract.

by Reggie - 5 years ago

You could add a "pending" sing under their sale sign. Once you sign the papers go take it up yourself!

by terrimotherof6 - 5 years ago

Probably practise varies by area, but here the agent usually puts a sold sticker on once the sale is final and the sign is taken down when the new owners take possession if not before. But it can be removed at any time, it's your yard if you don't want the sign there call the realtor and tell them to remove it.

by hanora - 5 years ago

No there is no law.

Take it down and put it in garage.

by David Z - 5 years ago

Until you close you really have no say. The Realtor is still marketing the home. There is a chance you deal falls through, it happens everyday. They aren't going to stop "selling" or marketing your home until it is actually sold. To stop trying to market the home would be negligent on the part of the Realtor representing the seller. Anybody who does look at the home will be told the home is under contract, sale pending, in escrow or what ever the proper term is for that area.

ADD: In my state it is a misdemeanor to have a realtor sign up in front of a home that is not for sale. I live in a rural area and we have no building codes but many laws on were and how you can advertise with a sign.

by Ross - 5 years ago

There are no such laws. A sign can be left in a yard as long as the owner of record agrees to have one. There are many reasons for not changing the sign status. One is to draw secondary offers on the property in the event that you should fail to close for any reason. The other is to simply draw phone contact in hopes of converting a potential buyer to interest in a different property.

by acermill - 5 years ago