what can i apartment complex wont fix anything so i took it in my own hands and tried to fix it?

when i moved in my apartment complex i had to paint, & clean then on top of that the refg. was molded the owner of the apartment told me its nothing a little bleach wont get off and that he wasnt replacing the refg. then the back burner dont work i told him bout that and he said that i surely.."exact words" dont use all four burners at once i tried to suck it up but its going to far i've been waiting a whole week and it's very hot in my apartment for some freuoin to go in my air conditioner today the maint. man came and said the owner was on his way with window units i've been hearing this for 3 days now so we'll see & 2 days ago my husband dropped something down the bathroom sink i dont know if they was responsible for this situation or not but i asked the maint. man to look at it he came sure enough but said that the pipe was glued to the sink in the bathroom so he wasnt going to be able to get it unstuck the only way was to cut it so me & my husband tried to take matters in our hands & deal with it but now its a problem they want to talk bad and & disrespect me & tell me i can just leave if i want to act like a baby & complain about everything what should i do please help me....& another thing a couple moved out the apartment i stay in and i keep asking the maint. people when there going to get the sofa from my back door they say they dont know....its been there since i moved in a month ago...& the onsite mang. keeps hounding me about sitting outside after 9pm on my porch & is the vent under the aircondition suppose to have something behind the vent or is it suppose to just be open back there
i had a small pit bull it was a baby and the apartment complex said i had to get rid of it and it wasnt bothering nor barking at anyone we keep it in the house and took it to the back yard to use the bathroom which is fenced off but now i turn around my onsite mang. has 5 dogs in her house, a lrg. rat, & iguana and out side behind someone house she has a pit bull & another mutt now aint that wrong?
i'm asking what should or what could i do other than move out is there anyone i can talk to about the problem because i have no where else to go to and the problem with the dog... how can i get sued i dont have the dog anymore & i was saying how can the manager tell me i cant have a pit bull puppy i understand there dangerous but then she go and get one full blood & one mix with pit in it & put them outside in someone elses backyard and the apartment was in the position i stated when i moved here so no i didnt tear anything up....

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What are you asking? Can they sue you for every dime you earn for the next decade? Yep. It sounds like you are tearing the place up and have an illegal dog.

Other pets owned outside your unit are not relevant to your contract.

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I don't understand what you are trying to say, maybe retype and repost and get to the point. If you really have so many problems with where you live, you should move.

by -michy- - 5 years ago