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    How much would a modular home cost to set up and hook up utilities?

    If I wanted a modular home with 2+ bedrooms- not a mobile home, just a prefab modular, how much would it cost estimated? And how much does it cost to get all the necessaries - water, gas, electricity, sewage hooked up? The lot would be right on the street. What factors affect the price? Thanks!
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    Hi, I am building a modular here in VA and I recently went and talked to the Modular home people as well. Right now we are looking at a modular with two bedrooms and two baths. It is not that big (around 1053 sq. feet I believe) and JUST THE HOUSE is going to run us $41,000 which equals out to be around $38.93 a square foot. Now some of the other homes on the lot they are looking for as much as $47.98 a square foot so You can expect a home to be right in there as far as price goes.You also have to factor in the set up andeliveryry. We are looking at about $6,000 for that.The house is also going to have to have a heat pump installed and you are looking at $3500 for that. It does not come witfurnitureings of any kind so if you want furnishings in your mortgage you are looking at $5000 there. It also depends if you are going to sit the modular on a permanent foundation, a basement, or just on tiers. Everyone that I have talked to recommends sitting it on a permanent foundation and we are easily talking $8,000 for that in our area (might be cheaper in yours) and if we want a basement we are easily talking way more! Then, to hook up to electric you are looking at about $1500. Perking the land is going to run about $5-7k and then you will know if you need a standard or engineered septic and well. Looking at that you are going to spend about $5-8k. If your land is a city lot then I imagine that it will cost you even less because you can hook into the sewer and water there (unless you prefer a well.) It is also nice to have a cushion of about $10k more than the estimate that way if worse comes to worse you can always return the money. So, totally, you are looking at around $90 k if you need a foundation, a septic, and a well. Right now, IF you own the land already you can get a modular without any down in our area, and , just to give you an estimated mortgage wise. a 30 year mortgage at 5% (this is the rate we got) is going to run you $483.13 a month Like I said we are in a rural area and so this is going to be harder for us because of no sewer and water hookups available so I hope that this helps!
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