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    what happens if you rent something from a lease to own like Aarons or rentway and u leave state ?

    i had rented a bedroom suite from a local rental company; i then became ill and moved to another state; i lost my job and stopped paying on it; since i am now out of state and no way to return it what should i do? i dont want to be arrested for something dumb. and if i do get arrested what would the charges be? im freaking out... would they come across state lines to arrest me?
    a year ago 5 Answers

    Best Answer

    if you want to be honest and keep the item, you can always make the payments at another store close to where you are moving to. if you decide to move and keep the item they will report you to the credit bureau and possibly have you arrested if the value is high enough. heck some store have allowed people to mail in their payments.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • If you do not pay for or return the property, that constitutes theft. You can definitely be arrested and depending on the value of the property, could face felony charges.

      by AP - 10 hours ago

    • you won't be arrested, but you are in breach of the contract that you signed with aarons in that you did not inform them of your new address with their furniture (remember, you are renting to own...you don't own it yet). smart move is to contact them as soon as possible. this will only get worse and this is going to blemish your credit. either try to work out a payment plan with them or make arrangements to return the furniture. maybe they will let you return it to an Aarons that's closer to you now. the fact that you are out of state is not their problem though...it's yours.

      by infinite crisis 247 - 10 hours ago

    • It will depend on your contract. But generally speaking, you are considered to have paid rent.

      by Jan C - 10 hours ago

    • Haven't they been contacting you? Did you have your mail forwarded? Most likely, they are looking for you and their furniture to repo it. Is there an Aarons or wherever you rented this stuff from in your city or state? I am not sure if you would be arrested, but I am sure they would sue for the cost of the stuff.

      by Genuine Guidance - 10 hours ago

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