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    how do i move to a different state with no money or job?

    I have two kids and I want to move to florida to start over. I need to find a job, a place to live and proper daycare. what is a good amount of money to take with me to rent an apartment and get daycare. I also ride the bus for transportation.
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    Honey, you need to slow down and think about this. Before you even think about moving to another state you need to secure a job in the area you are moving to, then you can look for housing and day care. But you need to know how much money you'll be making before you can get housing - so you'll know what you can afford. I've seen many people move to another state to "start over" only to find they can't find work, therefore, they can't find housing, and they end up going back - alot of money spent for nothing.
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    • Many areas in Florida have a high rate of unemployment right now. The job market sucks. As far as bus transportation, be careful. Many areas do not have mass transit, the community transit is a "by call" transportation system that will pick you up a Point A and drop you off at Point B, but the drawbacks are, they are never on time, they either pick you up too early or too late, they only run between certain hours which means if you need to be picked up after 3 pm, forget it. Moving to Florida with no money and no job lined up when you get there is a bad idea.

      by starrfyrre - 13 hours ago

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