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    Can a landlord tell me I can't have guests?

    I live in Oklahoma. Its just me and my husband and we are expecting our first child anytime. I rent a 3 bedroom apartment. There is nothing in my lease about guests, but when I had my father in law visiting from Hawaii my landlord told me I was almost evicted for him staying there. It was only 3 days. I just need to know because I plan on having my mother in law in when the baby is born.
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    I live in Oklahoma , the only way he can tell you anything about house guests is if they stay more then 30 days..then they can consider them a "tenant" and want them on the lease. If I were you I would write him a letter stating that you will be having you MIL with you after you have the baby
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    • First of all your landlord sounds like a grade A ***. There usually is something in a lease about long-term guests. Often 3-5 days is an actual cutoff for guests before they are considered in breach of your lease. You need to talk to your landlord if your mother-in-law plans to stay for an extended amount of time. Find a new landlord ASAP. Even though most leases do restrict long-term guests, those covenants are merely in place to prevent egregious abuses, not to prohibit a family member from staying for a week or two. Threatening eviction over that is really unreasonable.

      by ? - 17 hours ago

    • Most leases and rental agreements will have a clause regarding overnight guests. It is there to keep tenants form having additional people move into an apartment who aren't on the lease. Explain to your landlord what your situation is and that your mother in law will only be there temporarily to help you out. If the landlord is reasonable there should be no problem.

      by blatantly opinionated - 17 hours ago

    • If there is nothing in his lease about guests, then he shouldn't be able to do that. However, it seems that you may be in for a lot of trouble with this person, who seems unnecessarily unfair and will probably cause you a lot more stress and problems, especially after your baby is born. Anyone who would evict a person for that is on a power trip, and I would start looking for somewhere else to live if I were you.

      by Draco is angry beans! - 17 hours ago

    • Negative. He cannot unless it's written in the lease. The only real recourse for "guests" who end up "living" there are usually landlords have a provision in a lease in which, should you have another permanent resident reside there, they can increase your rent by "X" amount of dollars per month. But no, unless specifically stated, you cannot evict someone. That would be akin to evicting somebody who lives upstairs from you because they walked too loud or something.

      by Tortuga - 17 hours ago

    • I think it is normal use of apartment.

      by Seeker - 17 hours ago

    • 3 days would be very unusual to evict on that basis. A landlord can generally evict for additional occupants, usually someone who stays 10 days or more within a 30 day period. But i don't know state law in Oklahoma.

      by gafpromise - 17 hours ago

    • Your landlord can not tell you that you can't have overnight guest, he can however limit the number of days they are allowed to stay without their name being added to the lease

      by Classy Granny - 17 hours ago

    • YES! IGuests typically must be registered at the office. If you do not register your guests then the landlord will assume they are an unauthorized tenant and evict you. If you go talk to them and make sure they know that your mother in law is just visiting then it should be fine.

      by Wildcat - 17 hours ago

    • you need to read your lease.i don't think there is any law stating you can't have guest for short stays.also talk to your landlord and explain to him that your mother-in-law wants to stay with you to help with the new baby and it's for a short period of time.i can't see why someone would be unreasonable.

      by BILL h - 17 hours ago

    • It sounds like your landlord is being petty. In todays economy, he should be grateful he has renters. If nothing is in the lease, he should not be able to do this.

      by vbasic - 17 hours ago

    • i doubt it very much. you may not be able to have other people live there during the lease, but a short term stay by a relative or friend shouldn't count. you better check with a renter's association i oklahoma. they would know the laws better. check it out - http://www.tenantslegalcenter.com/html/national_and_global.html

      by ? - 17 hours ago

    • Tell them in advance. After 14 days your "guest" becomes a legal resident, and will have to be added to the lease if they are over 18.

      by Landlord - 17 hours ago

    • I don't think he can say anything about you having guests, unless there was a conflict with neighbors or something similar. I'm not sure, but that doesn't sound right.

      by ucjack - 17 hours ago

    • no. but u should probably ask a lawyer.

      by Chillout - 17 hours ago

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