Pros/Cons of living in trailer...trailer park experiences?

The thought crossed my mind....have no clue about living conditions of living in a trailer (im 23 and dont have alot of money)

Is it cheap (even cheaper than low rent apartment?) Oh yeah...i reside in atlanta.

What are major differences from a regular one bedroom apartment and a trailer?

Do you buy a trailer to own it or do you rent one at a trailer park.

How do trialer parks work?(how much would a trailer cost, what are the expenses)

(Basic need to knows in considering looking in to living their)

Is it secure, loud?

Whats your experiences and recomendations

any info is helpful Thanks!!

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I never lived in a trailer but I know that you either could rent from the owner of the trailer or buy a trailer and pay the land fee to the LL. The cost of a trailer is vary depends on the size and how many bedrooms. I personally don't like the idea cos' it usually does not have garage for parking, not secure enough, no front nor back yard, very hot in summer without A/C. The worst is you don't own the land even though that's your trailer. No fence separate you from your neighbors. The appreciation rate is very slow compare to condos/townhouse. It's difficult to find a buyer when you decide to sell. The price to buy an old trailer is quite affordable but adding the rent for the land it sits on may not be that affordable to you.

I suggest you rent from a trailer owner to find out if you like it or not. So you won't get stuck when you want out.

5 years ago

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<------ trailer trash...its like heaven on wheels

by ballin_on_a_budget4202003 - 5 years ago

the only thing i noticed when i was in one was it was a close nit community so if you are friends with the neighbors it would probably be really safe cause everyone was watching us and asking who we were going to see and making sure thats where we went. as for cost that all depends on individual place and how they run things just read the fine print on the contract.

by snowboarder - 5 years ago