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    Should I evict my roommate?

    I recently bought a house and my former roommates moved in. One is totally incompetent and is finishing a Masters degree. He was supposed to finish next month but when I asked when he was finishing a few days ago, he said he needs more time. I arranged to have another friend move in as soon as he left. I made these arrangements many months ago. We have not signed a lease. But he agreed verbally that he would finish and move out at the end of next month. What's my responsibility with this guy? I don't want to be a bad friend, but the alternative to kicking him out is to inconvenience another friend and leave me without a roommate when he leaves, or give up my living room. I don't mind if he's here an extra week or two but he wants something on the order of months. I'm also worried that he'll over stay his welcome. I've moved with him twice and he did absolutely nothing to help. I basically moved his stuff for him. I can imagine that he'll not take his eviction seriously and simply hang around. I've really had my fill with this guy. Here are a list of qualities I can do without in a roommate: he's socially inept we have nothing in common he is incapable of making adult decisions he smells bad his room smells bad the washroom smells bad after he uses it he ignores polite requires to remedy the smell he claims to not know how to clean/do chores he demands detailed instructions for any task/chore and preforms the task poorly he breaks things he can't be trusted to do important things he mooches food he snores while awake
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    just be honest and tell him as far as you guys came to understanding that he was suppose to leave on the date agreed, so you have already made plans for other person to move in with you long ago. people like that you need to tell them honestly what s in your head as he would not leave if you stay hush "quite"! If he really does respect you as a friend then he could have made sure treated your home as his own..if he cant respect your home while you have given him a space then why care about what he thought.. Honestly, he has not thought of you since you moved in together. so let this little baby go find his way and take responsibilities your needs should come first and his non of that at this present moment. as you are seeing all the bad traits and believe me you don't want it to mount up you anger and have a huge misunderstanding.. all this can be prevented by acting now and still be friends.. Good luck and |I hope you get the courage to do what ever you decide :)
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    • Assuming he's not paying rent and/or utilities, all you have to say is: "Hey, since I need more money to help the bills, I need to move in, with a lease, for X dollars" (replace X with monthly amount your friend cannot pay) Then say: "Unless you want to be that person, tenant B is moving in next month". BAM, just like that. Make sure he leaves atleast 1 week before that tenant "moves in" *wink* You don't have to have that tenant, if he asks next month, say you need to do something before the person moves in, like fix the bathroom, carpet, whatever :P or that you overlooked something in the lease and gotta fix it ;) Say he cannot come back because you need the place spotless, and ready.

      by - 17 hours ago

    • yes you should.ii don't think he has any respect for you or your stuff.

      by Kirsten B - 17 hours ago

    • Its your house you can evict him if you want. You will just need to go thru proper legal channels. Have you told him to leave? I would try that first if that does not work then I would just tell him that you are starting legal procedures to have him move out. That should do the trick.

      by Pamela B - 17 hours ago

    • Sounds like this guy is a loser and will take from and use you as long as you let him. Is he really a friend? I think not, friends don't treat friends so badly. I vote for eviction. Now.

      by gagam - 17 hours ago

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