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    Can an American own land (house) in Mexico?

    I was told I could buy land but when I die I can not will the land (house) to a family member which is true? What do I need to do before buying?
    9 months ago 3 Answers

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    Yes, the laws of Mexico were changed in 1993 and Americans can own real estate in Mexico and you can leave it to your beneficiaries in your Will. There is a distinction between owning beachfront property and owning in-land property. Beach front property can be owned, but there is a different procedure that requires a trust-ownership which must be obtained through a Mexican bank. In-land property does not require a trust. Also, this law was included in the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). I do vacation in Baja del Norte and stay with American friends who do own their home. I also accompanied my friend through the legal process of acquiring the home. You didn't ask about the safety in Mexico at this time, but it's a large nation and what is happening in some of the border towns is not comparable to all of Mexico. I regularly visit Baja and and stay about 2 1/2 hours south of the Border, just south of San Felipe. I've never encountered any problems and I also take my dogs without any problems. The places to avoid, especially at night, are towns like Juarez and Tijuana.
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    • That's an under statement. The Mexican police does a number of things.

      by david - 7 hours ago

    • U.S. citizens can now own property in parts of Mexico. Several U.S. Title Insurance Companies will provide title insurance. For the life of me I don't know why anyone consider going to Mexico much less own property there. Mexico has one the highest crime rates in the world. Lots of kidnapping, assaults, robberies, and murders. Plus the government is totally corrupt from the highest levels to the local cops. Just saw a story on TV last night were a tour company that sold trips to Mexico for college students for spring break pulled totally out all of their trips to Mexico because to the high crime risk and are now going to Palm Springs. I had friends go down to Enseanda for a few days. They were coming home and was stopped by a couple of local policia and shook them down for $500 each. The cops escorted them in their cars to the closest ATM to get the money.

      by Glenn S - 7 hours ago

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