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    Honestly -- Can you still make money being a real estate agent?

    That is honestly my passion. I really, really want to get into real estate. It's the perfect job for me. I know pretty much everything there is to know about real estate, and I'm only 20 years old. I know the ins and outs... (friends mother is an agent.) To me, it doesn't even seem like work! It's something that I would just LOVE doing. So, can you still get into, and make decent money in real estate? Thanks.
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    are you kidding me, this is one of the most economic depression proof jobs out there. sure there is a lull in the market for a few years when a market takes a hit. but people can't live in that apartment forever. and houses are the #1 most important purchase a person will make. so yes maybe the housing market looks bad, but even if the economy keeps going down, in a while the housing market will start going up regardless. EDIT: like previous posts say, you should probably use your knowledge to buy and sell houses from your own money. if you arn't lying about loving the job then hell, you could even be one of the 1/10000 people that make a good living in a third world coutry. the kind of enthusiasm that you have in your post tells me that you will definately be sucessfull reguardless.
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    • Well if you love Real Estate, then go for it, & become a real estate agent. & I'm sure that if you love the job, money will follow. & just because the Real Estate Market is right now in it's biggest downturn in decades it doesn't mean that just because of that, nobody can become a real estate agent. Become a real estate agent if that's what you like, & if you love the job than I'm sure that money will follow. Good Luck !

      by THINKABOUTIT - 5 hours ago

    • Only 3% of the agents live on the money they make selling homes. I did it for 15 yrs and did live off the money but never got rich.

      by Tedi - 5 hours ago

    • decent money is a strech, but you still can live off it depending on where you live.

      by Funky Cold Medina - 5 hours ago

    • thats what i would like to know

      by Cindy - 5 hours ago

    • Yes, especially section 8 housing right now.

      by derberger - 5 hours ago

    • There are too many Realtors everywhere. Where I used to live in California (Bay Area), there were five Realtors in my street.

      by Highland - 5 hours ago

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