Safe places to live near Detroit, MI (work near Detroit Receiving Hospital)?

My husband and I are looking to relocate near Detroit Receiving Hospital. What areas are the safest? FYI my husband is a medical student and he unfortunately is an easy target/ stands out in Detroit because he is very white and nerdy. If you have ever heard the song 'White n' Nerdy' that is him in a nutshell.
Anyway, where we are living now is just too far to commute but we don't want to risk his or my safety.
Any suggestions?

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Studio 1 Apts. is right nextdoor to Wayne State University....very, very nice and convenient to everything.

Good luck in your search

5 years ago

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Your In Luck ... I Live in Detroit , I Live In The Metro Too ... But There Are Many Good Places , But Not Highland Park.

by JaY Th3 Gr8™ - 5 years ago