paying cash for a house? how long does it take to close?

i am planning to buy a house in maryland. i am taking advantage of the buyer's market but i want to know how long after the banks accept my offer can closing be done?

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Typically 3-4 weeks whenever a bank owned property is involved.


5 years ago

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a week
I hope you got a great discount, good for you, you're lucky that you didnt get caught up like so many others, you should really count your blessings =]

by Bruiser - 5 years ago

It sounds like you are buying a bank foreclosure. That will all depend on the paperwork and closing procedure of that particular bank...each one has it's own way of doing things. Normally a cash closing can occur within 2 weeks but it will likely take longer going through the bank.

by Free Thinker - 5 years ago

took about a month 4 me.good luck

by blondie - 5 years ago