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    Can my landlord turn my heat off?

    Okay i hate my landlords. lets get that out of the way. We have a business Mon-Sun in a subdivided unit. The heat is controlled by a "box" or thermostat thing, in an ofice connected to us around the corner... We never have heat over the weekends. we come in and its 50 degrees in the middle of winter. We have no way to adjust our heat, and the landlord refuses to give us contact information so that we can reach them, to reach that office, so that the heat can be turned back on. (We believe that since the other office doesnt do business over the weekend, that they just turn it off) The landlord hated the idea of me saying we need to be able to reach them if the heat does in fact get turned off by the other office and we need to reach them to have it turned back on. Heat is included in our lease, so what are our rights. We've already sent them a formal complaint letter and dont want to run 4 space heaters throughout our place. Should we have access to this heat contrlling box too? Is it right that we have to depend on another business tenant to control what temp it is in our unit? ARRRGHHH We are in ohio if that matters. Please Advise!
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    I don't know if it's within your rights but in my opinion you should have access to the heating on 1 condition: You're paying your rent on time. If you are,well then I think you should fight against this idiot!
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    • They included paying for heat during normal business hours, you need safe industrial heaters and pay for the electricity on your own. The temp can actually be controlled in another state for all you know. CVS stores in the west, thier temp is controlled in like ILLinoise. Get the space heaters dress warmer, and leave all the lights on all nght long, lights equal heat.

      by loves christmas lights - 6 hours ago

    • Get an attorney to throw some weight around and get the landlord's attention. This situation absolutely needs to be corrected.

      by gafpromise - 6 hours ago

    • Are you under hud/or urbanDevelopment/ rural developementlook up rule &rights at thisweb site below: go to this website www.hud.gov/fairhousing.or check ohio If you have a metro housing in your area havethem give you a boklet on rules&for fair housinging.tennant /landlords rules for ohio.( contack lawyer or aclu lawyers ) I would think he can't as long as it don't say anything in your lease. I would contack the heat company see if the ywill put seprate thermstast in the bulding of cours you would more likey end up paying for it. or only other thing is buy a electric heater or some other source of hear.I would think kihe would have it comfortable in there for you at least chekc the rule &laws on the net for it. If you pay your heat bill yourself no he can't it is illlegal.under Hud-any goverment rentals a landlord can not change your lokcks on your door, turn off utilies underany circumstances. can not put your items out of your apartment ,change locks,he has to go through the leagle process first. also have a witness with you that it is cold in there.Is there anyone above him you can go to.Look his name up under 123peoplesearch.com or any peolesearch com but put in free information You can look up anyones adresses & phone on some sites I have done it yesterday just type in names &state it will give you his phone number if he has one& adress.call police have them come in make report. You have to have everything documented & witness by someone other than famliy member ,or close freinds I was told to have some one who would be mutal about it.before you go to court.

      by lloyddk - 6 hours ago

    • This is not an residential landlord tenant situation, this is a commercial lease. Commercial leases are based on contract law, so it all depends on what is (or is not) stated in your contract.

      by Trouble - 6 hours ago

    • Because of heating regulattions

      by dvdclarke - 6 hours ago

    • Go to Court, file a complaint against the Landlord immediately for illegally turning off the heat source. It is against the law. Period. First send them a certified letter stating that you must have access to the unit within 24 hours. If he does not comply, get a court order. The law is on your side. They have no option but to make sure you have heat. OR...break the lease, sue them for the whole lease, punitive damages and court costs as well as cost to you for rental of new property. Does not matter what state you are in. Water and Heat cannot be turned off by the landlord. PS. Heat regulations require that thermo be turned down in non-business hours to avoid freezing pipes. If your business hours are different than the next door, the landlord can purchase a thermo imputing your hours in and out along with other tenant. Cost is about $150 to the landlord.

      by susdavmurph - 6 hours ago

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