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    Can you buy and own a domain name forever rather than rent it yearly?

    I'm new at this and want to create a site of my own but can I keep it forever? Is there anyway I can keep that name without paying for it every year? Also, if it is not mine for ever, who is to prevent someone else from taking it over much like certain banks buy other ones out, although I don't pretend to be anywhere near that level? Like if I've set up an e-commerce site with lots of pictures, etc of things I want to sell and I've invested a lot of time in it, can someone just come and take it away from me? If I have to rent an domain name, what's to prevent the domain lord from upping the price?
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    ICANN* is the orginization in charge of domain names, and they do NOT allow the permanent registration of domain names. You must pay an annual fee to maintain your domain name. As long as you keep buying your own domain, no one can take it away from you, but if you do not pay it can be put up for grabs by pretty much anyone who wants it. It's a very common, but shady practice done by people looking to make a quick buck. They'd try to sell it to you first for the sum of several hundred dollars. So if you do buy a domain, keep up with it, and as long as you keep paying for it, its yours to keep. *ICANN is the orginization that represents domain registrars. Think of them as the RIAA of the Domain industry.
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    • All domain names require renewal, although you may be able to buy one for as much as 10 years in advance. You will always get "first refusal" on renewals, so nobody can steal your domain name unless you don't renew it in time and they beat you to it after the deadline. Your registrar should give you plenty of notice and virtually all will let you manage your renewals securely through a web page. If the price goes up, you can always switch to a different registrar! There are no shortage of companies with whom you can register your domain name, just like there are many companies who can provide your hosting, e-mail, and other services.

      by Dan Q - 6 hours ago

    • Well, certainly, the person or firm who sold you the domain can in fact, up the price on it when the time to renew it comes. I have seen that happen. I know you can purchase your domain name for more than a year though. No one can take over your domain unless you don't pay to register it again before it expires.

      by ☼AstrologerJuliAnne☼ - 6 hours ago

    • As long as you've paid for it for the year or 3 or 7 year one its yours. Somebody can come a long and offer you money for you site, but otherwise they can't just up the price in the middle of the year if you've already paid.

      by masterodst7 - 6 hours ago

    • You can buy your own server(s). The only thing preventing the "domain lord" from upping the price is competition. They have to keep their prices competitive. They are also competitive with the cost of owning and maintaining your own servers. If you don't want to renew your subscription / domain name with the web host ever again, you will still have to pay a good chunk of change to have your own servers. You won't have the convenience of ease-of-use, and you will have the burden of setting everything up and paying your ISP more money for the traffic.

      by Mickey Mouse Spears - 6 hours ago

    • --->> Tips---> https://trimurl.im/e14/can-you-buy-and-own-a-domain-name-forever-rather-than-rent-it-yearly

      by Samira - 6 hours ago

    • good luck on that one

      by Tim - 6 hours ago

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