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    Can I still live with my boyfriend once I get housing or section 8?

    Ok so I am wheelchair bound and I applied for section 8 and housing here in NY about 2 years and a half ago. I currently live with my boyfriend and have been for almost 3 ½ here in Brooklyn, in an apartment that I cant access my own kitchen and I cant even bring the wheelchair inside the bathroom which makes it dangerous for me. I take care the utilities as well as other expences around the house with my SSI money and I am working very hard attending school so one day I wont need to depend on the government. Now I greatly depend on my boyfriends help and I can’t live alone. I am afraid that once I finally get my services and perhaps find a decent place he won’t be allowed to live with me. I mean we have a life together, two cats even. Can anyone advice me pls?
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    He will have to be on the section 8 with you in order to be allowed to live with you. If he is not on the Section 8 and on the lease then he cannot live with you. He would be an unauthorized tenant and you would be evicted. If he gets caught living there unauthorized Section 8 will also press charges against you and you will lose your voucher.
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    • Is he contributing to the household? If you get married, he may qualify for some money to be your caregiver. Otherwise, his income has to be counted and you may make too much for section 8. Hes really considered a roommate right now and they will ask for his paperwork and income. If he is not working, they will want him to seek employment. If he doesnt, they may reject your section 8 unless he moves. Do they know hes there now? Usually SSI money is lessened if you have a roommate, as well.

      by independent101 - a day ago

    • If you are wanting to live with him, you are going to have to inform your Section 8 caseworker that he will be living with you. Section 8 will take his income into account. If he has a decent income, either your rent allowance will be less or you and he will not qualify together. Be warned that if you rent via Section 8 and your boyfriend moves in without S8 knowing, your voucher will be at risk and you can be evicted.

      by Trouble - a day ago

    • i have a gf in minnasota coming down in a few years and i qulify for section 8 if i put her on my lease and she aint eligable for section 8 can she still move in with her on my lease?

      by adam - a day ago

    • He can live with you, but you will both have to qualify. It does not matter how you two handle your bills, your incomes will be calculated together. If he earns to much money to live in a section 8 home you will not be able to get a voucher. He can not illegally live in a section 8 property w/o including his income, he would be committing welfare fraud.

      by Landlord - a day ago

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