Tenant rights with no lease in Florida?

I am currently living in a house at school in the state of Florida. I never signed a lease. Most leases run throughout the school year (August through July). However, I am not not going to be attending school in the summer. Is there anyway I can just move out when I want because I am not contractually obligated to anything?
I guess it is good to mention that it is a fraternity house. At one point, the people in charge (our housing corporation) told us to sign leases. Some people did, but the Housing Corporation never signed them also. The rent is kind of high, so I don't want to pay rent on something I won't even be using over the summer.

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Who else lives in the house? Who pays? Who DID sign the lease? Without a document to back you up, you are a squatter (or at best, a guest) and consequently have NO rights. The owner or lease holder could literally throw you out the front door and lock it behind you and you have NO recourse. When they throw you out, by the way, they also have to include your belongings.

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Your fine, just let your landlord know 30 days in advance. technically your on a month to month. You dont have to tell them but if you want housing again it would be good to give them notice so you can at least use them as a reference in the future.

by winterknight72 - 5 years ago

there is such a thing as a verbal contract. so as long you are 100% sure they dont expect you to stay then ofcourse move out, but i wouldnt risk it without knowing for sure. so let them know, and hopefully they wont hassle you. oh and by the way they cant kick you out when ever they want even if you didnt sign a lease, they still have to go through the same progress of kicking someone out who has a lease.


by William H - 5 years ago

You need to google the Florida tenants rights and read about it.

by Mr. Donnie - 5 years ago

30 day notice, that's it!

by Cali T - 5 years ago

Contrary to what others have posted....Florida law requires you only give a 15 day notice to vacate. It does not matter that you don't have a signed lease. You, by law are considered a month to month tenant. Read up on FL law for more specifics.

by reenzz - 5 years ago

With no lease all you have to do is give 30 days notice. I wonder though, what are you going to do for housing when you return to school?

by Classy Granny - 5 years ago

If you never signed anything you are legally in a month-to-month tenancy and can leave with 30 days written notice. They must be used to dealing with this kind of thing all the time, I think they will be understanding.

by gafpromise - 5 years ago