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    Why does a business need aims and objectives? ?

    2 aims and objectives For coursework......
    10 months ago 4 Answers

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    They need it so that staff do not get confused about what they are about and where they should be aiming for. Eg Are we about profit or are we about saving the environment? Are we about customers or are we about getting as much money out of customers as possible? Do we aim for excellence or do we aim for good enough? Objectives is about how you're going to get there by setting yourself some things to set standards by eg We will achieve 85% customer satisfaction by January 2009.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • To be successful than its competitors

      by Sadiqur - 8 hours ago

    • Put simply - businesses don't do well sticking in the same old routine day after day - they ned to grow and develop. Stating their aims and objectives details what they have planned for the future - through investment in people and practices !

      by Snakeman ! - 8 hours ago

    • aims, to be sucessful, objectives, you need these to borrow start up costs/money from the bank, and you need aims and objectives to form your business plan

      by tixie - 8 hours ago

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