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    I'm I liable if my renter's Pit bull bites someone?

    A potential tenant of mine has a Lab and a Pit-bull.. If the dogs bite someone will I be held liable for the attack. I have insurance homeowners insurance for the rental property with State Farm but its basic.
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    Yes you are liable, you allowed a dangerous animal on your property. And, no, State Farm will not cover this. In fact they will not cover anything. As soon as they find out you have a pit they will void your policy, it does not matter if the place burns down. Read your policy, you agreed to no dangerous animals. This is a common loophole they use not to pay for anything. You are in violation of your insurance agreement the moment you agree to this. All this aside, why would you risk the lives of your neighbors and their children? You should care about other people enough to at least try to keep the neighborhood safe from your renter.
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    Other Answers

    • There is a reason that almost no landlords will allow pitbulls, and you have hit on the exact reason. Yes, there is a possibility that you would be held liable if you permitted the dog on the premises and it attacked someone. I would let a property vacant before I would allow a pitbull on the property.

      by acermill - 6 hours ago

    • The long and short of it is, yes, you can be held liable. You can be named in the suit since you own the property in which the dog resides and landlords are seen as having the deeper pockets. That alone would cost you $$$. Defending against a lawsuit would cost you a ton of $$$ in attorney fees, which you would be out even if you were found not liable. You had better check to see if State Farm has a banned breed list for dogs and if they even cover dog bites. Many insurance companies no longer ban specific breeds, they just do not cover dog bites at all.

      by Trouble - 6 hours ago

    • If the dog bites someone on your property; yes, you could be held partially responsible. Check with your insurance company to see what they recommend. If this is an apartment building, I wouldn't let someone with two large dogs rent, if only because of the annoyance it will cause the other tenants.

      by Ro-bot - 6 hours ago

    • Your homeowner's insurance is specific to rental property....I promise you....they will not cover you if the pitbull bites someone.....you will be sued and lose both your primary residence and the rental Don't take such an unnecessary risk....If your tenant want's to carry insurance up to $1 million for coverage of his pitbull....maybe....but have proof of such insurance BEFORE signing any lease... I would never rent to pitbull owners.......and I own a rottweiler!!!!

      by Paula M - 6 hours ago

    • A tenant probably cannot get insurance to cover a pit bull. You would need to be sure your policy would cover you because you will get sued along with the tenant if the dog bites someone. I would never allow a pit bull in my rentals. You also need to be sure you have an umbrella policy.

      by Sharon T - 6 hours ago

    • No, but the renter will be.

      by . . - 6 hours ago

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