Is there anything having to do with eviction in the Americans With Disabilities Act?

My housemate didn't pay rent and my landlord and i have evicted him. He says he has filed in federal court for protection under ADA since he draws SSI for disability. He says he has accused us of conspiracy, however, we have not been served with any paperwork. Can he do this under the ADA?

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The laws regarding eviction are exactly the same for him. The ADA does not give protection from a lawful eviction.

I would not worry about it.

5 years ago

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He probably doesn't have any basis for the accusation. As long as you have documented everything and haven't treated him differently than any other tenant. Don't worry about it for now but you could always call an attorney and ask the question.

by Othniel - 5 years ago

You say, "you have evicted him." Did you obtain a Judgment from the Court? Did you serve Notice on him properly? tread carefully here..

The disabled can be evicted for non payment....just like everybody else...but make sure you did it (or do it correctly)....Filing in federal court costs hundreds of dollars!!!! I think he is just wishing at this point.


by Paula M - 5 years ago

Probably not. Don't worry about it unless you are served with papers.

by maxmom56 - 5 years ago

He's bluffing. ADA does not protect people who fail to pay rent.

by reenzz - 5 years ago