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    if u have a lease and your landlord sells the house can the new people brake your lease?

    I have just moved into a semi on oct 1st and its up for sale. We have gotten all settled in and its home. what i'm wondering is if they do sell it but we have a 2year lease can the new owners still kick us out or do they have to wait until our lease is up? oh and the current landlord is trying to sell it as a rental property but its a different realitor selling it
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    your lease must be honoured by the owner. even if ownership changes, the new owner must honour the lease. in this case, the tenant is protected.
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    • It depends on what part they want to break. No terms can be changed while you live there. However, you can be evicted so they can live in the property themselves. In a few states you can be evicted so they can move a relative in. The old landlord has these same property rights.

      by Landlord - 14 hours ago

    • nope... unless the rent is so far below market-rate that it is deemed to be a sweetheart deal...

      by estielmo - 14 hours ago

    • Unless your lease states otherwise, the new owners will be your landlord.

      by reenzz - 14 hours ago

    • That happened to a friend of mine, but he ended up buying the house himself so it didn't apply. He told me before he bought it, though, that the new owners would legally have to wait until the lease was up before they could do anything else with it. I don't know that for a FACT but i believe it to be true. He was good with doing his research.

      by Federal R - 14 hours ago

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