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    How to find an apartment when having an eviction on record?

    I need to find an apartment to rent that will accept my prior eviction 2 years ago but no one seems to accept evictions, what can I do? Where am I supposed to live? If YOU have prior evictions what have you done to get an apartment? It is so difficult. I am a young adult female and I am homeless and it is the worst feeling ever. Can someone please help...
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    Have something to offer to protect the landlord, in the event you don't pay (again): (1) Double the Security Deposit (2) Have a co-signer (this person should be able to qualify on their own) Even with all if this, it will be hard.
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    Other Answers

    • well usually people in your situation look for people like me that rent out rooms by the month which isnt bad for all concerned as long as you pay each month and I mean on time your new land lord might write you out a letter of recommndation as long as you keep the room clean pay on time and cause no trouble or drama

      by sleepylyn - 21 hours ago

    • Just explain why you had trouble paying bills in the past, but you won't any more. Not excuses. A real understanding of what it takes. If you can do this, you can find a place..

      by Ed Atun - 21 hours ago

    • Try paying off the eviction (judgment). Show the new landlord that you have paid off your debt. They may re-consider renting to you knowing that your not a total deadbeat.

      by reenzz - 21 hours ago

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