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    How can I get into real estate investing without any money?

    Seriously. I know it can be done somehow. I can't really afford to take huge risks with my money right now and I would love to be a real estate investor. Please help (and scammers don't even bother posting!!). Thanks in advance!
    7 months ago 4 Answers

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    you need to use "assignable purchase option" contracts and flip/assign the property to a retail buyer. You can control property this way for as little as 1 dollar. You could also bird dog for short sales or under valued property. You could use other people's money to purchase and flip. The list is long, but I would start out with assignable contracts to test your motivation in this business. Hell, you can get your real estate license and find people who want to buy and sell homes. If you think about it, a real estate investor is just an unlicensed real estate agent (with a brain!). Good luck
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Actually, unless you have some money for a down payment and really good credit, you can't invest in real estate without any money right now. especially since the housing market is crap right now. You see, you had be able to get a loan, buy a decent but undervalued house (usually a fixer upper). Put some work in the house, and sell it at enough money to pay off your loan, the construction people ect. with in a first month. (so you don't have to pay interested on the mortgage.) with the markets the way they are, its nearly impossible to get a loan for a house to live in let alone one your going to try to sell in a couple weeks.

      by npwinder - 19 hours ago

    • You could buy 3 houses by 7pm tomorrow. There are 10 books at the library that will teach you how to do this. It is hard work. If it were easy , everyone would own 10 houses. One way is to buy a house today and tell the seller you will pay him in 6 months. Until then, you pay him nothing. Then you run an ad in the paper for a House Lease With Option. That tenant gives you $5,000 "option" money and one month's rent and moves in. In 5 months, that person buys the house from you. The seller gets all his money on that sale. The tenant gets to own a house. You walk away with $5,000 cash for no work except running one newspaper ad. The books have 50 more ideas like this..

      by Ed Atun - 19 hours ago

    • I joined this program in july and am at the end of flipping my first house. Im 22 years old out of ALABAMA 334-798-6784 if you think its a scam they wil put the money up for you. If you want to go into real estate the best way to go in is as an investor. I have taken classes to become an agent and etc... Im flipping a house through this program right now http://www.john-whitehurst.com the investment into this was worth much more money and education than my investment into any other avenue of making money in real estate this program works even better in the crisis that we are in. http://www.john-whitehurst.com 1 second ago - Edit - Delete Source(s): Investor, Flipping still in credit crisis, Taken Real Estate Courses, http://www.john-whitehurst.com

      by rick - 19 hours ago

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