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    How much is your average electric bill for a 2 bedroom apartment?

    Me and my boyfriend just moved into our new apartment yesterday and we were wondering what we can expect to pay for our electric bill? We live in southern california so im sure that means its going to be more expensive lol we have a wall AC and our stove runs on gas. We dont use the air very often since we both work and dont get home till about 6 monday - friday. We would like to keep this bill as low as possible so if anyone has any suggestions on how we could do that it would be great :)
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    My 2-bedroom apartment in San Antonio usually cost me around $80.00 to $100.00 a month, but I kept the air on during the summer so the apartment would stay at 72 degrees. I can't imagine electricity in California being THAT expensive, so I don't think you'd be paying more than $100.00 a month. If you want to save money, you can do the common-sense stuff like turning appliances off when you're not using them and using energy-efficient light bulbs. You can also save money by turning the air up to 78 during the hot season when you leave for work, then turn it back down when you get home. That way you won't spend as much keeping the place cool, but you won't have the A/C running for 4-5 hours straight to cool the place back down once you get home.
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    • call your local utility and ask for the high and the low for your particular unit, then you will know how to adjust.

      by Sue B - 2 hours ago

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