Where can a person get help with rent or help with paying rent? I lost my job and now I can't pay rent! : (

I am a smart person and I used to work at a marketing company in Las Vegas but last month I lost my job and I havent been able to pay rent for the second month now. I have 2 little girls and I am afraid that i might have to move to another entire state to live with reletives. I would do just about anything else to get this fixed. I've searched around on the net a little but I wanst able to find the help I need in the time I need it. Please let me know if you have found anything that is helpful in this subject. I will check the answers from time to time to see what everyone says.


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You’re more than welcome to stay over mines! xD but seriously find any job, I mean any! For e.g. a cleaner, you’re guaranteed a job vacancy for that! Make enough cash to pay off any over due debts and also look for extra work to do in that time for a new stable job so you don’t need to move.
It maybe hard work for a while but it’s worth it!

6 years ago

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Talk to your local unemployment agency. They should at least be able to send you in the right direction. They may also be able to help you find another job.

by Crystal B - 6 years ago

You could check for a room mate, but they usually only want to pay half(unless they want benefits).

You landlord obviously likes you. What landlord would let someone stay after not paying rent for 2 months. It amazes me.

by LE - 6 years ago