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    can i legally break my 1 year lease without penalty if i lost my job unexpectedly?

    i work in the automotive industry and due to the slump automakers are in, many of us got laid off. we werent given any advanced notice of the lay off, we just came to work and saw a notice on board due to a change in customer requirements, the following people have been laid off until further notice. there is no telling when i'll get called back to work and my unemployment isnt enough to pay rent. i'd rather move out now then try to make arrangements and then owe back rent later on. can i get out of my lease legally if landlord isnt understanding or willing to work with me
    3 days ago 10 Answers

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    You can't I'm afraid. The LL doesn't care that you lost your job, if you break your lease you will be obligated thru the end of the lease or pay a substantial penalty for breaking the lease. This is why having some money in savings for this is always a good idea to at least cover you for a minimum of 3 months so that you can find something in the meantime. Your only bet is to find a job in the meantime, even if it's just a temporary job till you can find something permanent. If you break the lease the landlord can and will come after you for the money, they will turn you over to collections and place a judgement on your credit, which will ruin you for finding another apartment or obtaining a loan in the future. Your best bet is to talk to the Landlord and see what arrangement they can come up with. chances are they won't work with you, that's how most landlords are, they are there to make money not lose it, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
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    Other Answers

    • Check your lease to see if there is a clause permitting your to break the lease, and if so, the conditions. If there is no such clause, your best bet is to talk to your landlord. If times are tight for them, they may refuse. Conversely, they may accept if you find someone to take over your lease.

      by David S - 5 hours ago

    • i don't know if you'll be able to get off scott free but, they may cut you a break. Good luck, I'm trying to get out of my lease right now and they are not being cooperative at all!

      by dablonde1 - 5 hours ago

    • Your job and your lease are not related in any way. There is no clause that makes your landlord suffer the consequences of your choice to remain unemployed. Get another job, everyone is laid off at some point, life does not stop, you simply get a different, and hopefully better position elsewhere.

      by Janet P - 5 hours ago

    • Nope...sorry:( Try a tempt agency to pick up quick money.

      by Madi - 5 hours ago

    • Legally, no. You signed a contract. It's just like a car or credit card payment. Try to bring in a room mate (add them to the lease!) if you can.

      by lorijotx - 5 hours ago

    • Unfortunately, no, you cannot get out of your lease because you lost your job. It's not your landlord's fault you were laid off. I would talk to your landlord and see if there's something you may be able to work out with him/her. Otherwise, you're stuck paying the rent for the remainder of the lease.

      by Heather - 5 hours ago

    • Try and sublease or bring in a border. Good luck.

      by Dust In The Wind - 5 hours ago

    • No, legally you can't break the lease. You can try to work something out with your landlord or get someone to help you out.

      by Jennifer S - 5 hours ago

    • I had to break a lease once. I talked to the landlord, the deal was I had to pay a breaking of lease fee and an advertising fee and continue to pay rent until they found someone else to move in and start a new lease. Breaking the lease can end up being very costly. You should start applying for jobs now since there is no telling when you will get called back to work. Go on seek.com.au and apply or every job you feel qualified or able to do. You may also like to consider getting a flatmate and adding them to the lease. Then you will only have half the rent to pay. Also if they are using your furniture you can charge them for furniture rent. Hope this helps

      by Bec1988 - 5 hours ago

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